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Serving the aerospace industry for over 80 years.

Our commitment to serving the aerospace industry has made us leaders in this sector, pushing boundaries and driving our own and our customer’s expectations forward when it comes to manufacturing engine parts. We are very aware that our customers expect manufactured products of the highest standard to support their projects, and we are committed to delivering over and above their expectations.

We specialise in manufacturing engine parts for commercial airlines, business jets, military aircrafts and many more. Have a look at our approvals and resources page for further details on our accreditations, or get in touch to find out more on our capabilities!

we operate in a wide range of market sectors

Serving a range of customers across a diverse market range, have a look at our approval and resources page for further information on our accreditations.

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An unbroken history of serving the aerospace industry

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CW Fletcher begins its working relationship with Rolls Royce, as the companies skilled workers were called on for the war effort.

1939 - 1945
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Post War

During the post war years, CW Fletcher’s aerospace business expanded with the boom of the aircraft industry and the company made important links with aerospace manufacturing companies, including MTU in Germany and the British Aircraft Corporation.

The connection to Rolls Royce continued, and in 1986 CW Fletcher delivered the first components for the Tay and V2500 engines.

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CW Fletcher moved premises to the current location, in close proximity to junction 31 of the M1. This allowed the company to expand its aerospace business and begin the process of diversification of its aerospace customers, in a modern, purpose-built factory.

CW Fletcher begins work on engine parts for the Honeywell HTF7000 engine programme, in conjunction with GKN Aerospace.

Option 5
Begins work on Trent XWB engine

CW Fletcher begins work on engine parts for the Trent XWB 97K engine programme, in conjunction with Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

Continuous improvement and expansion is ongoing

Continuous Improvement
Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

We currently manufacture a range of parts for the aerospace industry, including complex fabrications, machined products and unison/actuator rings. From complicated machined rings to entire outer fan ducts, unison rings to buffer and static seal assemblies, please get in touch to find out more about our complex part range and how we can provide your manufacturing solution.

Please have a look at our Facilities and Equipment Page for further details on our machines and capabilities, to find out why we are the right fit for your aerospace parts.

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A selection of our core machined and fabricated parts

Aerospace Part 1
Aerospace Part 2
Aerospace Part 3
Aerospace Part 4
supplying a range of industries

supplying a range
of industries

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