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With engineering expertise which has been refined over 130 years, CW Fletcher continues to innovate and be market leaders in complex engineering. Working hard to expand and develop, and using cutting edge technologies, we strive to offer the best solutions to every engineering challenge we encounter and exceed your expectations with our manufacturing solutions.

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we operate in a wide range of market sectors

We currently operate in a wide range of market sectors, covering nuclear power, space exploration, and aerospace.

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Nuclear Industry


Manufacturing for the nuclear industry

With a long history of manufacturing products for the nuclear sector, CW Fletcher is the best supply chain partner for your nuclear requirements- offering a strong attitude of precision and safety. Your requirements will be fulfilled with the highest level of care. Your projects matter as much to us as they do to you.

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Manufacturing for the space industry


.Manufacturing for the space industry

Manufacturing for the space industry

As a company which serves a diverse range of markets, CW Fletcher is an expert at bringing skills from other sectors and utilising them to diversify new market areas. Although the space industry is a relatively new industry which we service, we are ideally suited to add value and be the supply chain partner of choice.

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Manufacturing for the space industry


Manufacturing for the aerospace industry

Manufacturing for
the aerospace industry

Our unbroken business partnership with the aerospace industry does all the talking when considering CW Fletcher as a supply chain partner. Our expertise in aerospace engineering, as well as a commitment to innovation continues to drive the company forward, and gives our customers a level of trust that we are the right partner for your projects. Many of our customers now view us as the home for machined fabrications here in the UK.

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Manufacturing for the aerospace industry
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Spotlight Focus: Underrated Machinery - The Degreaser

Why is the Degreaser so important?

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How do you find the right supplier with the right supply chain?

Finding the right supplier for your next project

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