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Women in Aviation and Aerospace


Women in Aviation and Aerospace

Women in Aviation and Aerospace

Equality within the workplace is something CW Fletcher takes very seriously. Ensuring fair treatment of people regardless of race, gender, disability, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or age is integral to the foundations and core values that CW Fletcher stand for. Our aim is to guarantee equal opportunities for all of our employees, to ensure they can thrive and develop within the workplace.

As an example of our commitment to equal opportunities, for over 2 years we have been a signatory of the Women in Aviation and Aerospace Charter (WiAA). Aiming to support the industry and achieve more commitments for more women to enter the industry, we have pledged to do our bit to ensure everyone has equal opportunities.


CW Fletcher's Goal

Having been around for over 130 years, we have seen the welcome changes within the industry in regards to gender diversity, and although there is still a way to go, we are proud of how diverse our workforce has become. Even in the midst of a pandemic, we have hired or internally promoted more women than ever across the business, determined to create as much diversity as possible. Our goal is to support women in achieving their ambitions, whilst ensuring we provide the foundations to succeed in a rich and rewarding career. Our Managing Director, Steve Kirk was determined to make an impact on the gender imbalance seen across the Aerospace market by signing CW Fletcher up to the WiAA. “When I first signed the WiAA charter I wasn’t exactly sure how successful we would be in delivering against our genuine intent.  We now find ourselves benefiting from having more women than ever in or heading towards senior positions and it feels as if we may have reached a critical mass. I’m often reminded at home that I turn everything into a competition and on a leader-board for diversity in aerospace engineering companies of a similar size, I’m confident that our company would now sit near the top. Our determination has delivered great results in only a few years and that makes me very happy.”

CW Fletcher encourages growth in determined, hardworking and intelligent women which advocates diversity in thinking and alternative ideas to business problems. Through driving diversity, we believe it will create a more inclusive work place to encourage better decision making, creativity and innovation.


Some of the policies which we have and/or will introduce to align with the WiAA charter include:

• A role evaluation policy to ensure that individual roles are fairly evaluated and rewarded regardless of gender. We ensure that all roles are open & accessible to all employees and offer tangible benefits, that support our diverse workforce and their needs.

• A new leadership programme, which will provide our talented workforce the skills & behaviours required to be successful in leadership roles and continue to build a successful careers with CW Fletcher.

• Existing Leadership to set a positive example of diversity and equality across all levels of the company to ensure we provide the foundations for equal opportunity.


Proud Achievements

For us, one of our biggest achievements that follows the charter’s aims is having a positive role model within senior leadership. Rebecca Willis, our finance director, demonstrates how it is possible to progress within a male dominated sector successfully, given a supporting environment. She is also eager to carry on the hard work and ensure equality across all levels of the company, “I am so proud of the journey we have taken in the last few years in improving diversity and equality, and I really look forward to seeing what we can achieve going forward, it’s such an exciting and rewarding thing to be a part of.”

We believe having a balanced workforce is not only a necessity for every company across the world  for equality, but a requirement that is also good for business – it is good for customers and consumers, for profitability and workplace culture.

Women in Aviation and Aerospace

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