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How do you find the right supplier with the right supply chain?


How do you find the right supplier with the right supply chain?

Finding the right supplier for your next project

Finding the right supplier for complex projects is no easy task. It requires a lot of time, dedication and careful examination to ensure your needs and requirements are met to a high standard of quality that reflect your company and its standards. This is why for over 130 years, CW Fletcher have been providing manufacturing solutions to customers across the breadth of the UK, as well as on an international stage – with customers in the US, Japan and Germany to name a few!

Our extensive experience and expertise means that we offer the safest choice for manufacturing projects. With widespread experience within a variety of sectors such as aerospace, nuclear and space, it has helped us to gain an expansive knowledge and understanding of manufacturing best practice with some of the most intricate, detailed and high quality parts required within the sectors.

Based in the centre of the UK’s manufacturing heartlands, we have a wide range of customers who require us to ensure innovation is integral, with high quality, delivery and that we are a cost effective solution. Offering the best solutions to every engineering challenge we encounter, we exceed expectations with our manufacturing solutions. Described by one customer as the best home for fabrications in the UK, we pride ourselves on being experts in the manufacture of complex machined fabrications. Taking the best available technologies of machining, welding and sheet metal-work and combining them seamlessly into our customer’s projects.

Conforming to ITAR regulations, CW Fletcher itself uses carefully selected quality suppliers, to ensure we are incorporating the very best quality products into our own manufactured parts. We manufacture products which have a range of applications - including civil and military engines, business jets, to space and nuclear programme.


Take a look at our internal capabilities below:


➡ 3 and 5 axis CNC milling, (including full mill turn centres) in up to 2m diameter and 1.6m height

➡ Turning up to 1.3m diameter

➡ Fabrication and Pressing

➡ Resistance, manual, longitudinal and rotary welding

➡ Mechanical and hydraulic presses (up to 400 tonne)

➡ Multi-skilled sheet metal workers and fitters

➡ CMM inspection

➡ FPI Non-destructive testing

➡ Air furnaces up to 1100 degrees Celsius

How do you find the right supplier with the right supply chain?

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