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National Apprenticeship Week with Logan, CW Fletcher's Maintenance Apprentice


National Apprenticeship Week with Logan, CW Fletcher's Maintenance Apprentice

National Apprenticeship Week with Logan, CW Fletcher's Maintenance Apprentice

Meet Logan, Our Maintenance Apprentice: Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week

In honour of National Apprenticeship Week, we sat down with our Maintenance Apprentice as he shares his experience at CW Fletchers and offers valuable advice for those considering applying to an apprenticeship…

Meet Logan aka Logi-Bear, our mechanical maintenance apprentice who has been with CW Fletcher for nearly 2 years! Working within the maintenance team, Logan provides support on a wide range of tasks, from fixing machinery and equipment to helping with installations and repairs.


From Whiteboards to Breakdowns: Reactive Maintenance at CW Fletcher

One of the key aspects of Logan's role is performing reactive maintenance, which involves responding to unexpected issues and breakdowns as they occur. This means that his day-to-day activities can be quite varied and unpredictable, as he never knows what he might be working on next. "Some days I could be putting up a whiteboard for a colleague and replacing airlines, the next I could be working on a major breakdown - it's all very fast paced and exciting!"

So what makes his role here at CW Fletcher so enjoyable? For Logan, he's found that one of the highlights of working here is the people he works with. "My favourite thing about working at CW Fletcher has definitely got to be the people that work here, they brighten my day and make the day pass a bit quicker!"


Earning While Learning: Logan's Take on the Benefits of an Apprenticeship

Logan believes that one of the biggest benefits of his apprenticeship is the unique opportunity to not only gain new knowledge and skills, but to also earn a salary while doing so. "Before coming here, I had a small amount of knowledge about the machines, the industry experience has opened my eyes to the machining world and expanded my knowledge significantly, this is a huge advantage and one of the best aspects of completing an apprenticeship".


Find Your Perfect Fit: Logan's Advice for Choosing the Right Apprenticeship

One piece of advice Logan would offer someone looking to pursue an apprenticeship is to go for it but make sure you do your research! He believes that it's important to find a company whose mission, values, and work environment align with your own. "By taking the time to research different companies and opportunities, you can ensure that you are making an informed decision and selecting an apprenticeship and placement that is right for you".

The combination of hands-on work experience and classroom learning is a valuable opportunity for personal and professional growth. Just like Logan, who found the right fit for him at CW Fletchers, he encourages others to not be afraid to take the leap and apply to an apprenticeship program that interests them. He believes that, with the right approach and a willingness to learn and grow, anyone can have a successful and fulfilling experience as an apprentice. "If you are coming straight from school or college I would highly recommend an apprenticeship - even if you finished school years ago! I found something that sounded interesting to me and I went for it".

National Apprenticeship Week with Logan, CW Fletcher's Maintenance Apprentice

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