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COVID-19 Company Update


COVID-19 Company Update

These are times that none of us have ever seen before, and here at CW Fletcher it is our sincere hope that they will never be seen again.

We have been monitoring the situation relating to the Coronavirus on a daily basis, with health and safety at the foremost of our thoughts with regards to our employees, suppliers, and our trading partners.

Currently at the time of writing this update we are open. We are operating with as minimal impact on production as possible due to our major customers remaining open, and two of them being classified as key to their nations' security (defence and nuclear).

We are continuing to follow the latest government guidelines and practicing good hygiene with a culture of challenge behaviour if you think it is unsafe. We also have social distancing measures in place and various flexible working arrangements offered to ensure safety is paramount.

Please be assured that whilst the UK Governments’ stance remains the same, we will be doing our very best to continue operating.

We wish you good health and all the very best in these challenging times.

COVID-19 Company Update

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