Make, Source, Manage

CWF Today

CWF offers customers:

  • project management capability
  • a strong, mixed portfolio
  • lean manufacturing
  • commodity cells
  • robust new product introduction (NPI) process
  • supply chain management
  • low cost supply sources

Make, Source, Manage Strategy

CWF already supply individual parts as well as kits of parts to a range of customers. These are usually manufactured in our factory with the support of a group of second tier suppliers providing raw material, components and sub-contract processes. In order to get the best possible outcome for the customer it is necessary to do more than simply place orders with a second tier supplier, but rather understand and manage the entire supply chain.

CWF are able to supply large, mixed packages of work to our customers rather than individual items which have been traditionally been offered in the past, and at the same time do this for best possible cost. This will allow our customers to consolidate their own purchasing functions as they will interface directly with fewer suppliers.

Some of the parts in the packages will be within the core competencies of own manufacturing facilities and we aim to be the best source for these commodities globally. Other parts may be more competitive if bought from other sources and we have the purchasing capability to procure products from around the world and manage and develop these suppliers.

The buyer/supplier relationship however successful nevertheless has some drawbacks and real benefits occur when two or more suppliers with complementary attributes can combine in a strategic alliance with common goals and visions.

Lifecycle Support

All products move through distinct phases of maturity.

In the development phase whilst the product is undergoing design and new product introduction (NPI), manufacturing volumes are low whilst the engineering content is high, design changes may be frequent and lead times are usually very short. Close collaboration between designers and production engineers is extremely beneficial and a robust NPI process is essential at this stage.

When the product moves in to production phase of its lifecycle the manufacturing method is mature, volumes are higher, delivery schedules are more stable and the need to reach 'best' cost is imperative. A different type of supplier may be needed during this phase but in order the mitigate technical and delivery risks, the source change must be carefully managed using a defined process.

Finally the product will enter a post production phase when the volumes will decrease and there may longer be dedicated capacity. As in the development phase production engineering and supply chain skills come to the fore.

At the beginning of each phase there is a make/buy decision and potentially a source change to be made. CWF has the capability to do these therefore reducing a purchasing burden from the customer and providing support throughout the entire product lifecycle.