Facilities and Equipment

Our one level, 9.5-acre combined site works is located at Wales Bar on the outskirts of Sheffield, within one mile of the M1 Motorway.

Within our facility we offer:

  • Fabrication of high-strength, lightweight assemblies in ordinary and exotic metallic materials.
  • Assemblies that include sheet material, castings, forgings and tubes.
  • Tubes that are pressed, machined or rolled and joined by welding, riveting or bonding.
  • Assemblies that are usually finish-machined to the final dimensions by a combination of milling, turning and grinding.
  • Machining of high value-added components machined from forgings, billets, bar, castings or forgings in a variety of materials.

Our team have been given extensive training for Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Operator Self Inspection. TPM is a fundamentally different approach in providing a support to manufacturing equipment in terms of, improvements, autonomous maintenance, skills training, planned maintenance and condition monitoring. All machines are consistently checked daily to ensure manufactured products are of the highest standard.

You'll find our more detailed plant list here