Corporate social responsibility and C W Fletcher

C W Fletcher & Sons Limited is a good Corporate Citizen. An active and managed CSR policy will reinforce this position and also communicate this to our suppliers, our customers and our broader operating environment.

Many aspects of C W Fletcher & Sons Limited already adhere to our CSR principles; here are just a few examples:

Environmental Responsibility

C W Fletcher & Sons Limited has always maintained a good environmental record and all of our waste chemicals, oils and manufacturing by-products are professionally recycled or disposed of by a range of waste management companies.

Further to waste products, our scrap metals are carefully organised into specific containers, many of which are then recycled using the innovative 'Reclaim' scheme headed by one of our main customers Rolls-Royce PLC.

C W Fletcher & Sons Limited has recently invested a significant amount of resource into a closed system for cleaning parts. This investment has further reduced our environmental footprint in terms of chemicals released into the atmosphere and demonstrates our commitment to planning for the future of our planet.

Other environmentally conscious schemes such as recycling water from our welding processes, utilising roof run-off water for toilets and adopting energy saving light bulbs throughout our workspace are being adopted.

This is taken beyond own organization boundaries, as many of the companies we work with adopt similar practices and, like CWF are implementing the ISO14001 environmental benchmark.

Equal Opportunities

C W Fletcher & Sons Limited is an equal opportunities employer. We take pride in our diverse workforce and it is considered to be one of our core strengths. One example of this commitment is our 'Positive About Disabled People' accreditation that we have held for several years.

Impact on society

At C W Fletcher & Sons Limited we are very conscious of our role in the local community and wider society. Employing 200 full time staff, we are proud to support families and individuals both directly and indirectly in both the local and wider communities.

We offer training and advancement to company personnel ranging from apprenticeship schemes in a variety of disciplines through to professional qualifications such as CIPS, Masters and Engineering degrees.

Community involvement

C W Fletcher & Sons Limited has a long standing tradition of sponsoring local sports teams in a variety of fields, from fishing through to football and cricket. Helping us to give something back to the local community, this interaction is central to our company ethos.

C W Fletcher & Sons Limited are also actively involved in sponsoring both local and national charities, such established names such as 'Jeans for Genes', brain tumour charities, children's hospices and many more.