Case Study - MHI Space Project


Meggitt Control System's supply chain was compromised by the closure of their incumbent supplier in early 2009. Owing to our excellent reputation following a number of successful previous working partnerships, we were asked by Meggitt to quote for the precision nimonic end and central sections of the MHI Flexible Assembly.

We won this project in April 2009 accepting the challenge of providing 20 engine ship sets by mid December 2009, with a further 16 ship sets by early 2010.

Project Scope

Our role was to produce the Ball-cup ends and Gimbal Ring central sections of the flexible assembly for Meggitt Control Systems in a Nimonic material, seamlessly linking with Meggitt Control Systems, their processes and matching their service level expectations.

Key Features

From New Production Introduction in May, through to material delivery in August and the 20th ship-set delivery in late December 2009, the key features of this project were:

  • Identification of the right internal team to support the life-cycle of the project.
  • Careful project planning, execution and follow-through.
  • Regular communication and cohesive teamwork, achieving key project milestones adhering to a well defined project plan with realistic timelines.
  • Understanding and managing a new supply chain, comprising of a new material source and new suppliers, as well as logistics from raw material to ship-set delivery to Meggitt Control Systems.
  • Tight timescale of August 2009 through to December 2009.
  • Precision turning, milling, drilling, grinding and welding.

Project Success and Benefits to our Client

  • Cohesive teamwork and Service Excellence demonstrated.
  • Product delivered to specification, on time and within budget.
  • Stable, trusted and expert working relationship established - a true business partnership.
  • Process and manufacturing improvements identified*.
  • Repeat order placed for 27 ship-sets, in 2011.

*The 2011 order incorporated the range of manufacturing and process improvements gleaned from the lessons-learned approache and the close working relationship established during the first project; which was successfully completed to agreed milestones during the latter part of 2011. At the time of writing CWF are quoting for further manufacture in 2013.